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The DeskChic protective bag is made out of suede with dust and moisture resistant properties. This bag will protect your beautiful shoes and luxury accessories from the environment while looking good. In addition to your shoes, this protective bag can hold other items such as sandals, small purses and bags. This bag is the perfect size for any type of travel whether you are going to the beach or traveling for business.




Additional Information:

  • Easily secure your bag by pulling on both ends of the drawstring. To open it up simply insert your fingers and push the strings away.
  • The size of the DeskChic protective bag is 11.81 inches Wide by 15.75 inches Long or 30 centimeters by 40 centimeters.


Recommended use:

1. Traveling/carrying: shoes, purses, small bags, umbrellas and other loose small items;

2. Storing: luxury items and accessories;

3. Organizing: your closet and store seasonal shoes or other small items to maintain a neat look and feel.

DeskChic Protective Bag - Sets

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price
DeskChic Protective Bag colors: Mix&Match