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The Manzè Fit & Fun Challenge is created to help you, get your better self, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially by changing your daily, weekly and monthly habits. You will focus on having 23 days straight of following your daily checklist, with 7 to 8 days to rest and re-strategize your plan, based on the lessons you have learned about yourself.


This will allow you to constantly update and modify your plans to achieve your ultimate success. We have laid out a daily, weekly and monthly checklists to support you but it is up to you to tailor it to your needs. We have laid out a few items to make the process more enjoyable:


  • Tips & Tricks: a few suggestions to stay on track.
  • Accountability Diagram: this was designed to help you define, the people, the circumstances, the trigger that you will face in your journey and create boundaries around. It will also help you identify the people that will benefit from your overall success.
  • The Prep Week: this is created to help you tailor your plan to you and your needs, to ensure that you stay on track. Once you complete this, you will be able to define your own rules!
  • Supplemental items: we have added extra games, trackers to help you see your overall progress. These are fun to do but not mandatory.


We hope that this journal will accompany you in your journey to getting more disciplined and joy into your life!




Manzè Fit & Fun Challenge

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