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DeskChic Shoe Tray is a unique product created to compliment your work space with an elegant shoe tray. This tray elevates the appearance of your office space by allowing you to neatly organize your shoes.No tools required to install,No clutter near your work space,No more commuting shoes left under the desk, cluttered near electrical connections.A fashion forward way to display your shoes. Space is created immediately as multiple trays can be attached to your location of choice. So purchase one or multiple highly fashionable shoe tray(s) for yourself, friends or co-workers.

DeskChic Shoe Tray

  • DeskChic Shoe Tray can adhere to most metallic and wooden surfaces using metal plates. Be fashion forward at work or at home with the DeskChic Shoe Tray. Create a visually neat environment all the while showcasing your beautiful shoes.

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